Sassy Lady

Product Description
Fun Fun Gift Basket for any occasion for the 'Sassy Lady' in your life! We have themed this one for Valentines Day but are happy to accommodate other themes. This box/basket contains the following: (1) each Homespun Naturals Lavender/Vanilla bath salts, tub tea, body soap, body lotion, body splash, body wash and vanilla lip balm (NO petroleum products). The star of the show is "Persia" she is an Alley Cat curio/tree ornament. Her profession is Showgirl, her hobby is Aspiring wealth and her weapon of choice is Lady Luck.
**these natural products are scented ONLY with essential oils of lavender & vanilla. The body wash may turn brown, a natural effect of using real vanilla in this product.** ALL products are paraben-free & completely made in the USA.
As always we will beautifully theme wrap to accommodate any occasion free of charge
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$ 49.95

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