First off however, we need to understand that not all gift baskets are created equal. Thoughtfulness is key in giving a gift basket to a friend, family member or client. What do I mean by this? Did you go into the nearest big box store for a pre-packaged generic gift basket or did you take the time to search the web for something more personalized?

I’d like to share a few brief personal experiences to illustrate what I mean. About a year after I started my gift basket business one of my then daughter-in-law’s sent me, yep you guessed it, a gift basket. Said gift basket actually had dust on its clear generic wrap and some items were out of code, which means it sat in a warehouse somewhere for who knows how long, yes, of course I felt insulted. A second brief story. A couple of years ago I sold my home, my realtor knew a great deal about me, my likes, dislikes, hobbies etc. Said realtor made a $6000.00 commission off the sale, it was even the second time I had used him. As a thank you gift he gave me two tickets to a local play which if I actually had desired to see it I could have acquired FOR FREE like thousands of others. What an insult! Needless to say, he’ll never get my business again.

None of us wants to believe that we think petty thoughts about such things, but hey, we’re human. I really never have cared for the age old saying, “It’s the thought that counts” when clearly there was NO thought to be had. So, following are a few suggestions.

Personalization, personalization, personalization! This is not only key in gift basket giving, this is true in ALL gift giving. If you want to make an impression with a client go big and go bold, show them you really appreciate their business. With regard to a client thank you for Christmastime we here at Angels Dream have often recommended waiting until the first or second week into the New Year in order to stand out from the bunch. This is also a great morale boost, as we all go through the post-holiday blues a bit. For friends or family members, think about their likes, dislikes and hobbies. Does the person enjoy having friends over for wine and munchies? Do they enjoy gardening, golf, fishing etc.? Is the person a dog or cat lover? So much fun can be had with utilizing a little imagination.

So in closing, why choose a gift basket for your gift giving needs? Lots of little gifts in one big gift. They are a perfect any occasion gift idea. When highly customized and personalized it shows a great deal of thought went into the gift. Gift baskets are also a great idea when you are truly stuck on what to do for someone. Whether designing one yourself or having a professional create a gift basket remember three key words which we live by here at Angels Dream Gift Baskets; Eclectic, original and thoughtful.

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