News — California Avocados


The Incredible Avocado

Wahooooo! California avocados are back in season! They are one of my favorite fruits. Yes, avocados are a fruit. There are no avocados in the world better than a California avo. The season for California avocados is Spring-Fall. What separates a California grown avocado is it's creamy texture and slight hint of nuttiness. Avocados are a good source of fiber and potassium. In my opinion they one of the most versatile fruits as well. A couple of ways I've utilized them over the years has been what I refer to as a lazy, yet quick guacamole by simply mashing an avocado and adding some of my favorite salsa or a pico de gallo together. Try slicing avocados and pairing them with some cheeses, grapes and crackers along with a favorite glass of wine. But, my favorite way, is simply as a side dish with a bit of black pepper sprinkled on top. Check out the following website for great information and fantastic recipe ideas.