I am a HUGE dog lover! I thought I would honor this day by telling you about my incredible and loving journey with my sweet furry child Tewa. My journey with Tewa began in 2003, I was smitten and adored her from the second I held her in my arms. The breeder we got her from (well known and respected in the area) suggested the best way to potty train her was crating. Well, we were having no part of it thinking it would be cruel, so Tewa puppy had full run of the house. Yipes!

We also were free feeding her, again Yipes! When we took her to the vet for her check-up visit she was a furry little roly-poly and five pounds over weight. The vet asked us how we were feeding her, busted! The free feeding needed to stop. We let her know we were having no success potty training, she then said,"have you been crating her?" Busted again. We could only claim our ignorance as new furry child parents. We took her suggestions and as luck would have it everything was great. Tewa was a Sheltie and her natural instinct to herd came out with our three cats.

Here was this sweet adorable little puppy attempting to herd the cats which were all twice as big as she was. Absolutely hilarious! Tewa was simply a truly funny character. She was also extremely smart. Because she received a treat when she would potty outside, she came up with a fake potty squat, again hilarious. Tewa and I had many a wonderful road trip together, I would venture a guess that she has seen more of our beautiful country than most humans. She loved to travel. She would put on quite the show prancing down hotel lobbies to her adoring crowd. Tewa was a people dog, she loved humans and interaction with them and they loved her too.

Whenever entertaining at home, knowing how adorable she was, she really knew how to work the crowd with the hopes of acquiring a treat of course. I could share many, many more wonderful times and memories of our 13 1/2 years together. Tewa and I were simply put, inseparable. There is no other love greater than the unconditional love received from a furry child. My sweet girl went to Doggie Heaven last year and there is not one day that passes where I don't miss her terribly. I thank God everyday for her and that I have another furry baby in my life to to love. 


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  • Jackie Miller