Good neighbor day, the dictionary definition of is a person who lives near another showing qualities befitting friendly but in our ever increasingly busy lives we seem to live more and more in a world where we really don't take time know our neighbors

I want to write about one of my neighbors who exemplifies the the definition of "neighborly." From the first day I moved in Ron and his wife Angie were warm and welcoming and made a point to invite me over for a cold beer at days end. I could hardly believe it, as the last area I resided in, it was a big deal just to get the occasional wave when putting out trash cans or checking mail. They spoke with me about the ins and outs of my new neighborhood, traffic shortcuts, where to shop, etc. Over the years we have become good friends.

Recently life has thrown more than a few curve balls at me and these two wonderful human neighbor angels have been my rocks. They come over and spend time with my dog when I'm at work, as well as, keeping an eye on my home. Their advice on certain issues has been invaluable, as has their genuine love and compassion. 

Being a good neighbor is reciprocal however and I have thoroughly enjoyed doing nice things for these great people like inviting them for dinner, (a home cooked one). Sometimes a gift card to our local grocery store. Often times I'll pick up a twelve pack of their favorite beer and leave at the front door. Most recently a chocolate basket for Angie, as she is a true chocoholic. 

 Good neighbors are special people and a gift from God. We often may be unaware of what someone right next door to us is going through, and just a simple kind gesture can make a world of difference. Maybe we should all take a little time out of our day once in a while to get to know our neighbors, after all they may just be someone you can relax with at the end of a long day with a beer and good conversation.

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  • Jackie Miller