Angels All Around Us


My personal belief is that there are Angels all around us and among us. I believe in not only Heavenly Angels as so many of us envision and trust in, but what I refer to as "Human-Heavenly Angels." Those wonderful individuals whom God puts on our path for any number of needs or situations at just the right time. As for the Heavenly Angels, I believe they are great and unlimited in number and can be called on for most any situation & plea for help. I ought to know, as just when I think it's impossible for me to name a new one, viola I've come up with another, which oft times good snicks occur for me. Angels are wonderful gift ideas. Great examples would be; Inspirational, 12 Step (ie; sponsor to sponsee), difficult times/situations, and sympathy to name a few. As a collector of Angels, there is at least one in every room of our house. 

Wishing you all a day filled with the love & inspiration of an Angel.

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  • Jackie Miller